Tuesday, May 12, 2009

London is 9?!?!

I cannot believe that I have a 9 year-old. London is completely into anything High School Musical right now so she decided to have a High School Musical party and she planned all the games and everything.

London took her birthday money and went to Build-a-Bear for the first time. (Notice the High School Musical PJs on the puppy)
This is Gabby (Short for Gabriella--Again, HSM)
She is pretty cute, don't you think? London loves her.

The newest of many HSM shirts.

Eating Icecream cone cupcakes at her party.

More HSM jewelry

I love this card. London and her best friend don't call eachother BFFs--the call eachother BFFELs (Best Friends For Eternal Life)!

London insisted on playing HSM musical chairs
(meaning you listen to the soundtrack of HSM3 while playing)

Once upon a time we played Kiss the Prince (similar to pin the tail on the Donkey) at one of London's birthday parties. So this time she wanted to play Kiss Troy (or Zac Efron). So we bought a teen magazine with a Smokin' picture of Zac and prepared the wall to be kissed with red lipstick.

London with red lipstick EVERYWHERE--Notice it on her teeth!!
Searching for Zac

Only one of the friends actually landed on Zac
(it was actually on his neck--can you see it?? We decided she is a vampire!)

The Kiss

So afterward they decided to try without a blindfold on!

The aftermath! Poor Zac!

Then they semi-settled down to watch HSM3!
FYI: 4 nine-year-old girls are more work than 9 four-year-old boys!! Just for future reference!
Happy birthday London!! We are so glad that you enjoyed your party. We love you a lot and are glad that you are our little girl!


Sarah said...

Where was my invitation - that party was right up my alley! Sunny, glad to see you're back to blogging, I missed reading up on your life.

Tyler and Lissy said...

Happy birthday London and Jonas! The parties look like lot of fun!

Wynter said...

The parties looked amazing! I now know who to go to for birthday party ideas. You really are "Super Mom"
Happy B-day London and Jo

Meshan said...

What a FUN mom! The poster of Zac is priceless. I posted comments on the next two posts btw!

jen said...

wow ur parties look like so much fun!!!

Meshan said...

Sunny my lady! I need your help. Can we use you as a contact for a security clearance? Let me know asap. Email me your phone # and your address at meshanf@hotmail.com

Randy,Sarah,Zanna said...

I'm sorry, Jonas, to leave you hanging like that. She is actually pretty good at getting her feet where they need to be, but she was just tired and hungery and sick of her mom trying to film her amazing task that she just didn't have the patience to care. All is well, and you are so sweet to care!

Zach 'n' Amy said...

That London... Reminds me of her mommy just a little bit.