Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Messy Stinker

For those of you that have any doubt in your mind about what a little stinker Jonas is, I now have photographic evidence! But first I need to tell you about his destructive day yesterday. We had a couple 12 packs of diet pop within his reach--first mistake!! Well, he took them all out of the boxes and lined all of the other shelves with them. I told him to stop before he made a mess but I was too slow getting to him--second mistake! He dropped a can of rootbeer which then exploded--shooting rootbeer up and down every wall, door, and cabinets. Not to mention the fridge, stove, dishwasher and the floor. Jonas was covered and slipping and sliding in rootbeer. After quickly cleaning before anything dried and got sticky, Jonas wanted a can of fruit for lunch. We have been redistributing the canned food we have onto different shelves because the weight was starting to cause some bowing. Well, we hadn't done a good enough job because as Jonas started to climb the shelf, as soon as he put weight on it, it clapsed--slipping tons of cans of food everywhere and managing to break open a can of tunafish and get that wonderful smelling juice everywhere!! Luckily Joe wasn't hurt!! As for today---While I was taking a shower he decided to dump out almost every bin of toys they have by throwing them over the banister from upstairs down into the foyer. The pictures are of what I saw when I got out of the shower! The other pictures are of him being impatient with me and getting out a package of Ramen noodles and eating it raw. Of course Zeke wanted to try after that. He ate long enough for me to take pictures but then decided it was gross. Jonas on the other hand carried his ramen around with him all day! Who would've guess that one little kid could cause such a MESS!! The picture of him smiling and eating the Ramen is a classic picture of his devious little smile that pops up any time you tell him that he is being bad. It is usually accompanied with a little raspy, devilish laugh--"hee hee hee"!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pearl Harbor

Well, I know that I am slow. Since school started back up for the kids I haven't been taking as many pictures. So here are some from back in March during spring break. London's best buddy came along with us--that is why there is an extra child!! It was a great place to go. Next time I would love to go without children, OF COURSE! They didn't quite understand the reverence of the monument. One picture shows names of both a Price and a Putnam that died at Pearl Harbor. The people there helped London and her friend drop the petals from their leis into the water as a sort of memorial. (London is the one in the pink for those who don't know)
My friend Jen has tagged me--meaning that I am supposed to list 8 interesting things about myself. This is going to be a stretch ... so have patience with me!
1. I am the only girl in my family. My mom is the only girl in her family and my daughter is the only girl in our family. Kind of weird, eh??
2. I had 4 children in exactly 5 years. That is right...London and Jonas have the same birthday!
3. Dave and I are just finishing up our paperwork to adopt a little girl from China....then the LOOOOOOONG wait begins!
4. I am the only person my husband has ever kissed. (That is kind of more about him, but I'm counting it)
5. I have worked at eBay on 2 separate occassions and both times I quit after having a baby. (London and Ezekiel)
6. I have never tasted alcohol, Never done drugs, and Never smoked a cigarette.
7. Despite my overweight status for the past 7 years, I am a Health and Wellness major and I will graduate in JUNE!!!! Hooray!! It is about time!!
and last but not least...
8. I met my husband in Chile while we were both serving missions there.
Well, now that I am finished I am supposed to tag 8 other people. So here it goes...
Deanne, Teri Le, Amy (my sis-in-law), Nicole (in Texas), Layna, Ramie, Tina (in Idaho) and The Hancocks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, we broke down and bought new bikes for the kids. We have been borrowing the neighbor's old bikes without training wheels to try to teach the kids but decided that Dave and I don't have the patience for that. So we purchased a Tranformers bike for Tank, a normal blue one for Zeke (only one his size), and an awesome tiny Tigger one for Joe. All with training wheels! London is going to share with Tank until she can ride without training wheels and then we will get her a bike. We figured that was a good incentive for her to learn. We take them to the corner park and they ride around on the sidewalk there. They all love the bikes. Joe wakes up every morning saying "I want my bike". The other 2 pictures are of London playing on the 2 bars that make up the "playground equipment" at our park. (It is mostly just a huge, grassy yard)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Butter Boy

Well, now that Jonas is getting bigger he is also learning that if he is hungry or thirsty he can get in the fridge. The other day he brought a whole gallon of milk upstairs to my room to tell me that he wanted something to drink. He has also learned that butter is pretty good! He started doing this when I wasn't watching..obviously!! I would look in the fridge and see huge bites out of the butter. He, of course, thinks that it is really funny. Now he is taking to trying to eat the hot dogs while they are still in the package. The last bunch I cooked fell apart when I took them out of the package because he had literally bitten them in half while they were still covered!!! And just for the record, I DO feed him! In fact, he is quite the little piggy!

Birthday in the Park

Yesterday our neighbors had a birthday party for 2 of their kids at the park near our house. They and 5 other families near our home decided to go in on purchasing an inflatable waterslide for these kinds of community parties. The kids had a blast. Well, the older kids did. Jonas did not want to participate. We made him go on it once, thinking that then he would think it was fun...but it was just the oppposite!! I threw in a happy picture of Joe to balance out the sad for the grandparents' sake.