Monday, August 31, 2009

The Boys' Room (a.k.a. Ode to IKEA)

We finally have the boys' room finished. Well, with the exception of a lamp shade anyway!

Here are a couple "before" pictures

These aren't very good shots, but it gives you the idea. They really needed a desk--or 3--since they all have schoolwork to do now. So we decided to buy the components from IKEA and give them a built in desk that would fit all three of them. (yes, I know there isn't much room--but our kids do not play in their bedrooms. All toys are required to be in the family room.)

The colored "spheres" in the left hand corner are planets hanging from the ceiling.

Their beds only ever get made this well--sorry, I was too lazy to make them for the picture.

In order to move things around we had to get rid of a dresser. Since Tank's bed was meant to go against a wall (his platform bed has drawers and cabinets on oneside), one side was just a big, empty space...enter IKEA again! We bought these office drawers and took the casters off of them and now Ezekiel has a futuristic dresser that fits right in with their space station bedroom.

Ok, really these pictures don't do this room justice. You need to see it in person. It really is cool. So you are all invited out whenever you want!

Back to School

Hooray!! School has started yet again. This year is EXTRA special because ALL of our kids are going to school. Jonas has a very SLIGHT speech delay but was still admitted to the preschool at the Primary School. It is every day, all day long. He even gets to ride the bus with his brothers and sister.

Our 4th grader

Our Pre-Kindergartner

Our 3rd grader

Our 1st grader

First day of School

On the porch waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus

Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 Years

Since we are staying true to form and are not able to celebrate our anniversary together, I figured I would send you your present the most convenient way possible...via our blog. Since I am in no way eloquent, this is my attempt to show you what I see when I look at you...a wonderful husband, father and my very best friend.

I love you. Happy 10th!