Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jonas the Bonus turns 4

Last Saturday we had birthday parties for both London and Jonas, since they have their birthday on the same day. We decided it would be easier just to have both parties on the same day and get it over with instead of spreading it out over a couple days. Jonas decided that he wanted a Star Wars party just like Ezekiel had. So it made it pretty easy for me.

Here are some of his friends playing with the plethora of Star Wars people that we own.

For Joe's party I found this fun game kind of like Pin the tail on the donkey. It was called Help Restore Order to the Galaxy. Depending on were you landed you got a certain amount of points and the one with the most points would win.

Here we are playing the game

Both Jonas and London wanted icecream cone cupcakes instead of a cake.
So here is Joe blowing out the candles.

Getting ready to open presents.
Star Wars and Legos--Joe's two favorite things!

I thought this was funny so I had to take a picture. While everyone else was watching Jonas open presents, this little boy was playing with London's Barbie house.

I love this present and so does Joe. One of the moms made Jonas his own little cape. It is so awesome. He has been running around in it everywhere.

Light Sabers again--OF COURSE.
They were trying to use the force to keep the balloons off the floor.

What good are light sabers if you can't use them to beat up a dad!
Happy Birthday Little Joe! We love you lots and are so glad that you are part of our family!


Randy,Sarah,Zanna said...

Love the Twilight poster in the background. ;)
Your kids are so lucky to have you! It looks like they had a lot of fun!

Meshan said...

What fun B-day Party's you throw! I love Birthdays and think it's so fun to try and make the day magical for my kids.

Meshan said...

Can we use you as a contact to verify that we lived in Monterey when we did? Email it to me at meshanf@hotmail.com if we can. Do you remeber Ruth's last name? She was there the same time as us and she has a little baby named Cora?