Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloweens Past

In the last post my friend Carrie commented about whether or not we do "themes" every year. The answer is yes. There has been one year that I didn't do a theme because we were right in the middle of moving during the month of October. But other than that we have had a theme since we have had more than one child. I don't have all my photos with me so I can't show you how cute London was as Little Mermaid and Teancum as Sebastian (his costume was hideous!! I did a really terrible job on his because I spent so much time making London's perfect). The next year I didn't have matching and it was very boring. The following year the kids were the Three Amigos and they won a prize at our ward Halloween party. They were sooooo cute. Ezekiel wouldn't keep his hat on for the picture though. The following year was the Wizard of Oz. I am putting on Zeke's scarecrow picture because I was especially proud of how well it turned out. And you can't get the whole Dorothy effect if you don't see her shoes--so here is a picture of London too. Teancum's was the funniest because he couldn't sit down in it. I tried to modify it after I realized my design flaw but Tank quickly corrected me by saying "Tinmans don't have bums." And right he was--so we left it as it was! Then there was last year. We HAD to be Star Wars. Teancum was supposed to be Chewbacca but the fur on his costume made him so fluffy that he looks more like an ewok. Infact, we saved it just in case we need an Ewok costume in the future. (perfect winter costume by the way. Tank was sweating up a storm. Definitely warmer than most costumes!) And of course, this year we were the Chronicles of Narnia. So that is our Halloween Costume history. The kids are already thinking up ideas for next year. Right now they are going back and forth between Harry Potter or Planet Heroes. I am sure they will think up more as we get closer. I am hoping that if it becomes a habit they will always do a theme together, but I am sure the day will come when they decide to think independently--------Until then I am going to push the "theme" concept for as long as I can!!!