Monday, February 2, 2009


If you couldn't already tell from my last post I have a little bit of an obsession as far as Twilight goes. And bless my husband, he humors me since he knows it brings me so much joy! But what noone else realizes is that he loves it too. Well, maybe not as much as I do, but he appreciates Twilight. Just look at his pj shirt that he wears everynight:

Like I said...He HUMORS me!! But he took it to an all new level a few days ago when he made us SSVOs. What is an SSVO? I will get to that in a minute. Dave has been driving our beat up old Taurus Station Wagon for awhile. He keeps wanting to get an "adult" car--you know, one a business professional would drive--but I always talk him out of it since the Taurus is already paid off. Well, Dave knows my weakness and he used it to get him a new car. (Side note: Stephenie Meyer relied on her brothers that are self-described "autophiles" to choose the coolest cars possible for her vampires.) Dave started looking up stuff about Volvos and found out that the S60R is a freakin awesome car! SO... of course when he says THAT is the car he wants I am going to say heck YES!!!! FYI this is not the car in the movie. That is an ugly C30--don't know why they used it--Edward would never...anyway, the point is it is the car from the book so Dave is now an official SSVO (Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner) (For those of you that don't get any of this--READ THE BOOKS!!!) And Bless his heart--he even got it in silver!!! Love IT!!!