Thursday, July 31, 2008

David Archuleta

Okay, I am a huge David Archuleta fan. I will post pictures and video from the American Idol concert later. But I was just looking at a photo from the last post of Jonas and it made me think of little David Archuleta. Jonas is always making faces that totally remind me of little Archie. In fact, that is probably why I love David A. so much...because his mannerisms and facial expressions always remind me of little Joe. So here are some pics of David and the pic of Joe--Do you think they look alike--maybe it's just me???

April Birthdays

Well, back at the end of April, London and Jonas celebrated their birthday. That's right they have the same birthday--exactly 5 years apart! We just celebrated at home the morning after my parents and grandma got here for their visit (this is why everyone is in pajamas!!) My personal favorite is the picture of Joe in the coon skin cap that my dad bought him.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet and Sassy

I am playing catch up so please have patience with me. I have tons of posts to make about the last few months! I am starting with this one because my grandma has been asking to see the pictures.

My niece, Portia, turned 8 in June. For her birthday I took her and London to what London calls "Girl Paradise"... It is a spa for little girls in Draper called Sweet and Sassy. It had to be the cutest place I have ever seen. They each had their nails done, an up-do and their make-up done. Then after that they let them play on the catwalk with boas. It was so much fun! We had a blast. If any of you have little girls and live anywhere near there you should check it out. It was well worth the money spent for the amount of fun that they had.

The Limo you can rent if you are having a party there. The girls wanted a ride in it but they had to settle for just a picture by it.

Waiting for the fun to begin

London keeping herself entertained while waiting for our appointment.

Getting nails done

Choosing a hairstyle. London chose "diva" while Portia chose "princess".

Choosing make-up. Can you tell she is excited??

Admiring their beauty!!

Showing off their style!

We also bought them matching Best Friends necklaces. They enjoy being around each other so much!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

My cute hubby now has both feet firmly planted in his 30's as he turned 31 this weekend!! Since our birthdays are less than a week apart we decided that we would just share a birthday cake.

This year was a simple Sunday evening birthday at home. After Dave's HUGE 30th birthday bash we decided to take it easy on parties for awhile. If I can find the photos from his party last year I will post them. It was a massive BBQ on Hickam Beach. It was so much fun---but also soooo much work!

Happy Birthday Dave!! I love you!