Monday, May 11, 2009

The Easter that never ends

Since we weren't going to be in town for Easter , the Easter Bunny agreed to visit us for Family Home Evening 2 weeks early on the Monday before we went back to Utah. While the kids were playing down stairs he hid eggs out in the yard and left them new board games and Sunday clothes.

The kids had fun coloring Easter eggs. Luckily I found a Star Wars decorating kit!

Then while in Utah we made an Easter Sugar Cookie house. It was a fun idea but more work than we imagined with 6 kids helping! We made it at Papa John's house with Aunt Kylee and Papa John helping to direct the kids.

The Saturday the week before Easter was a day of parties for my kids. First we woke up and had an Easter egg hunt at Papa John's. Then we went to my Grandma LaBounty's house for a get-together with all my cousins. After that we went to my Aunt Karen's for another Easter egg hunt for the Putnam side of the family.

Grandma Bobbie with my sweet little niece Tatum.

Aunt Karen went all out. We usually have the egg hunt in her yard but it was supposed to rain so we had it in the church next door. I think she said she put out around 800 eggs. The kids had a blast.

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Randy,Sarah,Zanna said...

You just have the cutest kids ever! And what an awesome husband for his surprise anniversary:)